Transcendence is a millefeuille term conveying layered and diverse nuances, from the first openness of human awareness towards the outside world, to the ultimate affirmation of and commitment to a loving and infinite Transcendent. Patrick Masterson has devoted his philosophical career to reflection upon the unfathomable nature of the latter, seeking to decipher instances and images of transcendence within the realm of limited human experience. … More BOOK REVIEW: CIPHERS OF TRANSCENDENCE


The Scottish Liberal Democrats have unveiled their candidate to fight the West Dunbartonshire seat in the General Election on December 12. Jenni Lang is taking on the sitting incumbent, Martin Docherty Hughes of the SNP; Jean Anne Mitchell, of the Labour Party; Conservative Party nomination Alix Mathieson, Peter Connolly of the Green Party, and Independent, anti-corruption candidate Andrew Muir. Jenni Lang has worked in communications for over 20 years, with extensive experience in PR, community relations and public affairs. … More LIB DEMS CANDIDATE FOR ELECTION


MSP Anas Sarwar, who has called for the current health board leadership to be removed, said the chief executive was “ultimately responsible for the rotten culture of fear and intimidation at this hospital”. He said: “It should never have taken brave whistle-blowers to come forward for this scandal to emerge. Without them, parents would still be in the dark. “While senior managers remain in place there is a risk the investigation will be compromised, which is why they should be moved aside – as would surely have happened in a criminal investigation if this was in the private sector. “With another tragic death at the hospital reported in recent days, parents, patients and the public deserve urgent answers about what has gone so catastrophically wrong at the QEUH.” … More ROTTEN CULTURE AT DIRTY WATER DEATHS HOSPITAL


It was almost a month since Guy Fawkes night, but loud bangs were booming out over Barloan on Monday night. At first we thought it was gunfire; that someone or something was being shot at. However, then we saw brightly-coloured stars lighting up the sky, which was some comfort to us. We knew that the usual suspects were at it again.  People with money to burn who don’t give a care for their elderly neighbours or pets. … More TIME FOR SILENCE FROM THE BOOM TOWN REVELLERS?


Take First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, for example. In a television debate with six other politicians last night on ITV, she claimed that her party, the SNP, had been responsible for introducing free personal care for the elderly. They weren’t. It was the Labour Party and former First Minister Henry McLeish who did that. And we should know. Our editor was there with him as a special adviser on the east wing of St Andrew’s House when he did it. … More EDITORIAL: THE DEMOCRAT

BOOKS: Cork Harbour by CAL McCARTHY

Cork Harbour’s association with infamous ships like Titanic and Lusitania ensure its place in world maritime history. While such tragedies are heavily documented, the story of the modern evolution of the second-largest natural harbour in the world and its trade has received less attention. The Royal Navy’s long and extensive association with Cork makes it unique among Irish harbours, an association born of the necessity to protect trade in a growing world of ever-expanding ships and increasingly global enterprise. … More BOOKS: Cork Harbour by CAL McCARTHY