Independent researchers found nearly three-quarters of cops went to work while “physically unwell” in the past six months – and over a third while “mentally unwell”. And the study – due to be published in full in the coming weeks – suggested one in ten of Scotland’s 17,000 officers drink alcohol or take prescription drugs “as a coping mechanism”. … More POLICE WITH DRINK PROBLEMS AND MENTAL ILLNESS


After host Nicky Campbell read out a series of statistics about Scotland’s murder rate, prompting the First Minister to mount a defence of the Scottish Government, stating that violent crime was now at a “40-year plus” low. Recorded crime statistics are published each year by the Scottish Government. This refers to crimes which are reported and recorded by police and does not equate to convictions, nor does it include all crimes committed as not all crime is reported. The statistics separate out different types of crime with non-sexual crimes of violence and sexual crimes in two distinct categories. … More FIRST MINISTER LIED ABOUT CRIME FIGURES


Joan Parr, director of Arts & Engagement, Creative Scotland, said: “Fair access to careers in the arts is one of the most pressing issues facing the creative sector. Providing transformative opportunities, these bursaries go some way to making entry into the arts a level playing field and ensures those with talent, but not financial backing, are given the opportunity to succeed.” … More BURSARIES FOR CULTURE ORIENTED SCOTS


Liberal Democrat Leader Jo Swinson said: “Boris Johnson must stop ducking scrutiny. His cowardly behaviour shows why he simply isn’t fit to be prime minister. How can we expect Johnson to stand up to Trump or Putin if he won’t even agree to a half-hour interview with Andrew Neil? It’s bad enough that the voice of Remain has been excluded from today’s debate. But it’s even worse that right now Boris Johnson won’t be held properly to account for his lies and extreme Brexit plans.” … More COME OUT AND FIGHT, BORIS


The message of the angels was that this was good news for all the people, the broken-hearted as well as the blessed, the lonely as well as the loved, the poor as much as the prosperous.
For Christmas helps us re-calibrate our view of God. He is not distant from us, nor demanding of us. Rather he is “God with us” alongside us, sharing our joys and our sorrows.
Even if we do not have the means to have a traditional Christmas we can have a Christ centred Christmas and that can mean so much more. If you are able why not visit a local Church and perhaps the traditional carols will burrow their way into your heart and get you singing for joy. … More CHRISTMAS MESSAGE FROM THE MODERATOR


Responding to the news that Susan Deacon has quit,  Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokesperson Liam McArthur MSP told the Justice Secretary that “the governance and accountability arrangements for policing in Scotland are fundamentally flawed in culture, structure and practice.” He added: “Susan Deacon did the best she could with a broken system. Liberal Democrats have been telling the SNP Government since day one that it hardwired flaws into the national force. It botched the centralisation [of the police under a single Chief Constable], causing chaos. … More NICOLA STURGEON’S SPIN AND HOSPITAL PASSES


Statistics show that there were 1,187 drugs related deaths in Scotland in 2018, up 27% on the previous year. The death rate is higher than any other EU country. The handmade crosses, which are around  seven inches tall, were made by former addicts in recovery and will be planted ahead of a candlelight march through the streets of Springburn to remember all those who tragically lost their lives. Around 300 people, including elected politicians and those campaigning for seats in the House of Commons, are expected to take part along with public sector workers and representatives from Police Scotland. The church bells will toll as they process in sombre reflection as calls for a different approach to tackle the scourge grow. … More CANDLELIGHT MARCH MARKS SOARING DRUGS DEATHS


Inveraray Castle is the ancestral home of the Duke of Argyll, Chief of the Clan Campbell and an iconic and must-see visitor attraction on the West Coast of Scotland. Set in beautiful grounds and gardens, with some of the most stunning scenery in the whole of Argyll on its doorstep, event go-ers will have the opportunity to not only access exclusive castle parking but also camp on the grounds and the surrounding area. Tents and campervan spaces will be available to buy when tickets go on sale. … More SKERRYVORE TO CELEBRATE AT INVERARAY CASTLE