Living Advent calendars come to the Vale

Living Advent Calendars are a community project that happen at Christmas time, originating in Sweden and have now spread throughout the World . The idea is that residents from 24 homes in a street or community to decorate and illuminate a window or windows with festive decoration(s) and lights in December.

Grace and Eddie MacKinnon were Inspired by a Living Advent Calendar street in Plymouth while visiting family last Christmas,  we came back and decided to give it a try in Middleton street  from Overton Street to Park Street and posted out flyers to each household in January and followed it up in October by visiting as many houses as possible explaining what a Living Advent Calendar was and how we proposed to bring it to our own street in Alexandria.

We have had a positive and enthusiastic  response and have allocated. each house a number on a first come basis the only stipulation was that the number should be placed in their window on the 1st December and the house be decorated by their allocated number. Some resident have taken two numbers to make up the 24 needed for the calendar.

The idea is that we get the volunteer households from 24 homes in Middleton street from Overton Street along to Christie Park School , to decorate and if they wish illuminate a window or windows with festive decoration(s) and lights in December.

Each house will have an allocated number from the 1st to the 24th December and remains from 6.30pm from its day of opening until 12th night (6th January). The goal of the project is just to have fun and create a nice way of bringing the community together.

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