housesNew housing in Howatshaws Road, Bellsmyre, Dumbarton.

Baillie 10 By Paul Cassidy

Jackie Baillie MSP for Dumbarton and Lomond, pictured,  is urging local people aged 55 and over to respond to a leading charity’s new national housing survey.

The national charity for older people, Age Scotland, is seeking the views of older people about their housing needs and household energy usage to help shape future Scottish Government policy.

Scotland’s population is ageing at a faster rate than the rest of the UK and a quarter of Scotland’s population is set to be over 65 by 2043. The Scottish Government has pledged to build 50,000 new homes by the end of this Parliament, and Age Scotland wants to ensure the government have as much information as possible about the housing needs of older people to ensure the right kinds of homes are being built.

It is hoped that the findings from this survey will help to shape the Scottish Government’s housing policy as it relates to older people, with a view to help people live well and independently in their own or new home for as long as possible.

Jackie Baillie MSP said:  “With an increasingly ageing population we need to ensure that there are enough homes in the right places, suitable for older people. This means warm homes which are adaptable as we age and close to good transport links and amenities, rather than being stuck out on the edges of towns. 

 “I would encourage anyone over 55 to take part in this survey as it will help provide the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament with the information it needs to better plan for the future.

Adam Stachura, Head of Policy and Communications at Age Scotland, added:  “The quality of the housing you live in has a profound impact on your health, especially as you reach older age. We want everyone to live well in their home and be able to use it to its full extent.

“Often people discover far too late that where they live is no longer suitable for their needs. It can become unaffordable and inefficient to heat, more inaccessible and harder to access the routine local services they need. This survey will not only help highlight how suitable homes are for an ageing population but give us great insight into at what stage people make decisions about their future.”

As an added incentive, there are five £50 cash prizes available for randomly selected participants.

Copies of the survey are available from Jackie Baillie MSP, Constituency Office, 6 Church Street, Dumbarton G82 1QL


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  1. Ensuring that as we age there are enough homes in the. right places, close to good transport and amenities.

    Great idea sounds good, so thinking about the Milton to Dumbarton to Bonhill to Balloch conurbation, whats the plan.

    And warm homes as we age. That’s another good idea but I wouldn’t just restrict it to folks over 55. Young families and others deserve to live in warm homes too. So what’s the plan here especially since Scotland has some of the highest gas and electricity in Europe.

    And wanting everyone to live well is another great idea, but it leaves one wondering if having some of the lowest pensions in Europe, in combination with high fuel costs might have something to do with things.

    Jackie is right to make this clarion call for people to complete this charity’s questionnaire and call for the over 55s to live well – but sadly I think we know the answer to much of what this charity’s questions purport to ask.

    Low pensions, lowest in Europe, high energy costs, highest in Europe, and all delivered by a caring Westminster. A Union Dividend in fact.

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