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Hello there,

I am a pensioner aged 71, and now I’m retired I had been looking forward to travelling with my two beloved dogs. But leaving the European Union could mean that we lose our status in the EU pet travel scheme – meaning it would be harder and far more expensive to travel with pets. So I’m calling on the UK Government to keep our current status in the European pet travel scheme. 

As a pensioner, I can’t afford to put my dogs into kennels or hire a dog sitter when I go away. And as my dogs are getting older I want to spend all the time I can with them. The cancellation of the pet travel scheme could mean I have to pay £800 to travel with a pet – this is money I can’t afford. And it’s not just me, 44% of British households have a pet. 

The UK will become a “third country” in the EU travel scheme after we leave the EU – but depending on if we leave with a deal and what the deal is, travel for pets could stay the same. So I’m calling for the Government to do everything it can to ensure that we fight for pet travel to remain the same. 

Please sign my petition at Change.org to ensure pet owners can still take their pets with them when they travel to Europe and return with them back to the UK. 

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