Defamation law training being hosted by NUJ Scotland

NUJ Scotland still has funded places on its half-day defamation law training sessions, taking place in Perth, Glasgow and Dumfries.

The sessions are scheduled as follows:

Perth: Monday 27 January 2020 (10am-1.30pm)

Glasgow: Tuesday 28 January 2020 (10am-1.30pm)

Dumfries: Tuesday 4 February 2020 (11am-2.30pm)

The aim of the sessions is to highlight issues of free expression in Scotland, and what individuals from across society can do to protect themselves and be able to contribute to the national debate on key issues within the confines of the law.

As more people are expressing themselves online via social media and new media outlets, a key aim will be focused on the defamation threats that can occur online.

Bill caricatureLearning outcomes:

* To increase awareness and literacy regarding existing defamation laws in Scotland;

* To highlight the key cases that have shaped the interpretation of defamation in Scots law;

* To examine issues of free expression;

* To outline how digital expression – including blogging, social media and new media – can open up a broader cross-section of society to the threat of defamation; and

* To provide practical guidance as to avoiding allegations of defamation while still being able to contribute to key discussions both off- and online.

Democrat editor Bill Heaney writes: I am certain there are there are officers and members of West Dunbartonshire Council who would benefit greatly from these sessions, especially the SNP leader of the Council who defamed me on more than one occasion last year and who has been instrumental with the Chief Executive of the Council, Joyce White, in obstructing me from doing my job as a journalist.”

Should you wish to book a place, please contact Joan Macdonald at

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