After all that rain, we deserve some fine weather in Dumbarton. Carolynn Bowman has been out and about walking near her home in Kirktonhill this evening. She brought home the goods in the form of these terrific sunset photographs and watched some ships pass on the River Clyde. The weather forecast on BBC CountryFile is for it to stay dry for most of this week. Look out those walking boots and head for the hills.

Red Sails In The Sunset

The Platters

Red sails in the sunset
Way out on the sea
Oh, carry my loved one
Home safely to me

She sailed at the dawning
All day I’ve been blue
Red sails in the sunset
I’m trusting in you

Swift wings you must borrow
Make straight for the shore
We marry tomorrow
And she goes sailing no more

Red sails in the sunset
Way out on the sea

Pictures by Carolynn Bowman

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