We received this congratulatory message today from Facebook after placing an ad in The Dumbarton Democrat  for a petition campaigning for the welfare of animals, which cost me just £6. Here’s how the ad performed

Hi Bill,


Your ad “Magdalena Williams started this petition to Dept for Food Rural Affairs and Animals and it now has 1,804 signatures Hello there, I am a pens…” has ended. Great work taking steps toward reaching customers for The Dumbarton Democrat.


The only ads we take at The Democrat are for good causes, petitions against injustices and charities which deserve our support.  All of them, without exception, go FREE.

We are now considering making an advertising service available to local businesses and will advise readers and prospective advertisers of the details, including costs to use the service, after Easter.

As newspaper sales slump at every level, local, evening and national, it is heartening to see that The Democrat is now really taking off. It’s an independent, digital platform for the 21st century.

That is what happens when you have a local paper with a local editor prepared to take on the establishment, and citizen journalists and photographers who really know the area and respect the people.

And whose journalists are prepared to stand up to West Dunbartonshire Council and the SNP despite being banned and boycotted. 

We look upon this as a badge of honour. Despite the fact that they have done their best to put us out of business, The Democrat is doing well.

To our readers in West Dunbartonshire and Argyll and Bute, we send you greetings and thanks for your support.

Ceud Mile Failte and One Hundred Thousand Welcomes.


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