Previously unseen Alasdair Gray prints go on display

Prints never before seen by the public have been put on display just over a month after Alasdair Gray’s death.  The 85-year-old was known for novels such as Lanark (1981) and the award-winning Poor Things (1992), which are both set in Glasgow where he was born. But he was equally respected for his artistic work, which is the focus of an exhibition at Glasgow’s Print Studio. The newly-displayed works include Awakening and Boy With Spoon. Pictures by Bill Heaney

Print of Awakening
Awakening was one of the last works Alasdair Gray completed in 2019.  As someone who worked with both words and images, Gray often created prints that included fragments of prose and poetry.
Print of Boy With Spoon
Another of Gray’s late works never displayed before is Boy With Spoon. The Glasgow exhibition, called Omnium Gatherum, will run until 12 April.
Print of Lanark coverGray created distinctive cover illustrations for his Lanark novel

Alasdair Gray’s public murals are visible across Glasgow, with other works on display in the V&A and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.  As well as his own writing, Gray included other work such as the 1818 poem Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley.  Copies of the prints will be on sale, with prices ranging from £600 to £1,500.

Print of Smug Cogito
The artist continued to work in the last two years of his life, completing Smug Cogito in 2018

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