Health Board CEO Jane Grant, Health Secretary Jeane Freeman and Chairperson John Brown should be removed from their posts.

By Bill Heaney

Jackie Baillie has demanded the two most senior officials at the local NHS Health Board in Glasgow are sacked following a series of hospital scandals. And, doubtless, The MSP wouldn’t mind a bit of Jeane Freeman, the SNP Cabinet Secretary for Health, went with them. The Dumbarton and Lomond MSP and Scottish Labour deputy leadership candidate said the ‘level of inaction and incompetence is truly outrageous’.
In a debate in Holyrood, she said the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde chief executive and chair, Jane Grant and John Brown, should be removed from their posts.
Ms Baillie also said the ‘special measures’ imposed on the board should be raised from stage four to stage five – the most serious government intervention possible.
It follows an infection scandal at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital linked to the water supply, the death of ten-year-old cancer patient Milly Main which was this week reported to the Procurator Fiscal, as well as wider problems such as waiting times for scheduled and unscheduled care.
The Dumbarton and Lomond parliamentary constituency is part of the Greater Glasgow and Clyde health board, and includes the Vale of Leven Hospital, where there was a c.diff outbreak and 38 people died. Ms Baillie said lessons from that tragedy have not been learnt by the health board.

Hospitals that serve West Dunbartonshire and Argyll – the Glasgow super hospitals and Vale of Leven Hospital in Alexandria.

Jackie Baillie, MSP for Dumbarton and Scottish Labour deputy leadership candidate, said: “NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is failing, and even the Scottish Government recognises this.
“It is failing staff who work so hard, often with insufficient resources; failing patients who are languishing on ever increasing waiting lists; and failing our communities with services centralised away from local areas.
“The Health Secretary has been too lenient on those at the very top. The level of complacency and downright incompetence merits the escalation of the special measures to ‘stage five’, and the removal of the chair and chief executive who have presided over these shocking series of failures.
“The culture of secrecy, the lack of openness and transparency comes from the very top of the organisation.
“The level of inaction and incompetence is truly outrageous. The contempt of the chair and chief executive for MSPs is evident. There is no accountability, no transparency, and a litany of failures.
“For the sake of my constituents and the NHS which we all hold close to our hearts, the Health Secretary should sack the chair and chief executive. They are out of time and should be out of office.”

Vale Hospital campaigners

Jeane Freeman, Cabinet Secretary for Health, plants a tree to mark a visit to Vale of Leven Hospial. Looking on are members of the Hospitalwatch group which was set up to protect the future of the hospital















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