Scotland ‘nearing peak’ of Covid-19 deaths


Professor Linda Bauld – she says virus is nearing its peak.

Scotland is “heading towards” the peak of daily deaths from Covid-19 and the virus’s impact is “not as bad as it might have been”, according to professor of public health policy at Edinburgh University Linda Bauld.

The UK yesterday exceeded the daily death toll recorded in Italy and Spain at their peak.

“The numbers have been high – almost 900 per day and 980 yesterday,” Ms Bauld told the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland. “And, in Scotland, we have 495 patients who sadly have died and our numbers have been going up, but we are seeing some signs.

“There’s a lot more testing going on. I think in the UK there were 19,000 done just yesterday in a single day and we’ve had the commitment from the secretary of state for health to increase that.

“We’ve also seen the levelling off of the number of patients who are in intensive care or in critical care support. That’s indicative that things are not as bad as they might have been, But sadly the numbers are very significant every day and this is the main reason the government is saying it’s too early to say when can begin to gradually ease the restrictions that have been placed on us.”

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  1. Not as bad as they might have been Professor Baild ???

    No doubt that’ll be because HM Government reassured us all in an advertising campaign run here in Scotland that them and the NHS were well prepared and all that we had to do to help was sneeze into a tissue and wash hands.

    And no doubt not as bad as it might have been if the Scottish Government had not against the impending lock down allowed the Lewis Capaldi and Scotland France game to go ahead.

    No doubt these governmental acts of super spreading and non equipment preparation were all part of our remarkable success story. Short of PPE, short of ventilators, short of testing, haven’t you done well Prof Bauld.

    Maybe you’d also like to tell us why the Royal College of Nursing has now issued advice to their members, that hard as it may be, they have a duty to resile from providing medical care to patients if their employer is not providing them with the required PPE.

    And maybe the Dumbarton Democrat would like to invite the local politicians to comment on this state of affairs.

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