Jackie Baillie, MSP for Dumbarton, Vale of Leven and Helensburgh.

West Dunbartonshire has the highest percentage of symptomatic residents of any Scottish local authority, according to the new symptom tracker app launched by Kings College London.

Jackie Baillie MSP commented on the near 5 per cent figure:  “It is frightening to learn that with 4.83% of people in West Dunbartonshire presenting symptoms, our community has the highest concentration of coronavirus cases in Scotland and this is before the expected peak.

“There could be any number of reasons for this, but we can do everything possible to avoid the spread of the disease any further in our community and that means following the government guidelines.

“It may be frustrating but I would urge people to stay home, help the NHS and save lives.”

Meanwhile, What’s it like working as a GP during a pandemic?

For Nick Dunn, a GP based in Helensburgh , the coronavirus pandemic has meant considerable change.

In an audio diary recorded for BBC Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland, he describes how he has swapped his usual shirt and tie for a doctor’s scrubs and face mask.

His practice waiting room now has only four chairs rather than the usual 24 with almost all consultations being done over the phone.

However, Dr Dunn says patients will continue to need the NHS for all the same problems as before. Last week, he ended up treating a patient for a heart condition after a neighbour came to the door to ask for help.

“Dealing with so much change while working in the large and cumbersome organisation that is the NHS can be difficult, frustrating and exhausting,” he says.

“NHS workers are trying to today to treat patients like one of their own and in pulling together, we really can make a difference.”


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  1. Below a link to a very interesting article from a Professor Anthony Costello from the University of London and an ex director with the World Health Orgainisation.

    In the piece Prof Costello questions the approach whereby the UK had a policy of letting the virus rip at the cost of a calculated 402,000 deaths in a very short space of time compared to China where the authorities virtually eradicated the infection in a matter of seven weeks through meticulous testing, tracing and social lockdown.

    China is now carefully coming out of lock down but with the tools to contact trace and control infection infection should any outbreaks reoccur.

    Well worth a read, and then the question why did the UK not go down the same road.

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