Scottish care workers lose out as UK PPE manufacturers focus on England, leading care industry figure claims

A worker gathers supplies at the NHS national procurement warehouse at Canderside, Larkhall.
A worker gathers supplies at the NHS national procurement warehouse at Canderside, Larkhall.


  1. When you instruct a denial of essential medical equipment to another country it could literally be described as an act of genocide. But that exactly is what UK authorities have done in cancelling essential medical supplies to Scotland.

    Back in the day in the late 1760s when the British were conquering North America the commander in chief of British Forces Sir Jeffrey Amherst conceived a plan whereby small pox could be utilised to quell native Indians.

    An absolutely evil policy kept from the minds of those who believe in the noble British Empire but something that is well remembered by remaining native Indians. Indeed visitors to Canada can visit a war memorial that commemorates the terrible tale and how British settlers befriended native Indians with small pox laden blankets and linen.

    But that is North America so let us look a little closer to home, to Ireland a century later where between 1845 and 1849 the potato crop failed through blight. With millions dying of hunger the British actually shipped food out of the country whilst the people starved in a deliberate policy to cull the population.

    Ot maybe we should look a little nearer again to Gruinard Isle on the North West of Scotland where is the 1940 the RAF experimented with bombing sheep with Anthrax spores. Planning to use such technology on German cities subsequent research has confirmed that had Churchill got his way and environmental disaster worse than atomic weapons would have ensued. A British made holocaust.

    So let us think carefully about the modes and moral of the itzy-bitzy choking off of medical supplies to Scotland. At its best England is looking after its own or at its worst, England wants more people to die in Scotland so that Scotland’s death toll equals or exceeds England’s.

    Not difficult to see how a greatly increased death rate in Scotland could be played to political advantage. So dear reader, ask yourself this, why would Westminster instruct English companies not to supply to Scotland.


  2. Asking why and understanding why are two different, but very important things.

    First you have to ask and then you understand why. Do that with just about anything and you can then understand better the world around you and then maybe do something about it.

    But some people never ask why, never understand why, and for them ignorance and their condition or situation is maybe bliss.

    We live in a society where many many people are poor whilst a small minority a very rich. Why you may ask, and then if you understand, then you may be able to do something about it.

    The Victorians were not exactly noted for their generosity. They did after all presided over the physical domination of a colonial empire stretching half way around the world. But in public hygiene they excelled constructing great public works to deliver sanitation and clean water. The loch Katrine scheme being one local example. But was it for the altruism of delivering better living conditions for the masses, or was it to deliver better health to the masses due to their plagues becoming the rich people’s plague too. Or was it both.

    And therein begs a question why, which when applied to today asks the question why did our government tell us they were well prepared for the virus when they were not, why did they against world opinion operate a policy of letting the virus spread. As many many die and as our economy tanks, it would be helpful to ask why. In fact it would be more than helpful, essential in fact so that we can learn why.

    But as I say, some never ask why, and some never tell, and that as history shows, is the road to absolute ruin.

    And maybe is why, even on a relatively micro scale, we get no answers at all from our local authority. But at least some journals, the Dumbarton Democrat included, are asking why.

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