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Teachers Damian Heaney, Ronnie Dott and David Berry.

By Aileen MacLellan

Caring teachers from Oban High School’s Business, Design and Technology Department have now made more than 400 protective face visors for use in their local community.

Damian Heaney, Ronnie Dott and David Berry created a prototype which was approved by the NHS, before setting about creating the visors using materials from the school’s technical department, such as acrylic, acetate and pop rivets.

The completed products are then given to the community hub in Oban for issue to carers, care homes, first responders, surgeries in Oban and Tiree and if required, Oban, Lorn and the Isles hospital.

More than 200 pairs of safety goggles, sanitiser, gloves and aprons have also been donated from the school’s science and technical labs to local groups and organisations in Oban and Tiree.

Head Teacher, Peter Bain said “I’m very proud of the efforts our staff have put into keeping our NHS and care home staff safe and well in both Oban and Tiree.”

Argyll and Bute Council’s Policy Lead for Education, Councillor Yvonne McNeilly, said: “The Covid-19 lockdown has, undoubtedly, caused a lot of stress and worry for people living in our local communities, however, it has also helped to bring out the very best in people. People are looking out for each other a lot more and there is a strong feeling of ‘togetherness’.

“Damian, Ronnie and David are a great example of this. They have really gone above and beyond for their local communities during this uncertain time and I would like to sincerely thank them for all their efforts. I am beyond proud of the staff and pupils we have. They just go the extra mile and are truly special human beings.”

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  1. Good stuff but isn’t it an utter disgrace that the UK was so under prepared for the virus.

    Back in February 2020 and less than four weeks before the lock down HM Government were running expensive full page adverts in the press and radio broadcasts to tell us that they were well prepared.

    Seems that this was just a lie. A downright lie. Nonsense to mislead the public whilst they spread the virus and did not prepare, did not kit up.

    And now we have teachers and school children making PPE.

    Kind of makes you think. Well maybe just a little. School kids making PPE for the nation that was well prepared. But what about the even better guff now coming out from public health England that says that health care professionals should now re-use disposable gowns and gloves.

    Anyone buying that one. The doctors certainly aren’t but for those that maybe swallow the guff, they’ll be telling you next about reusable toilet paper.

    And for the UK deaths totals, has anyone noticed that the daily death figures are now being referred to as ‘ hospital deaths ‘. Yes that’s it, ‘ hospital deaths ‘ not ‘ Covid 19 ‘ deaths. Perchance a few more deaths than HM Gov would like to admit.

    But good stuff the school in Oban. And isn’t it outrageous that the world’s so called sixth biggest developed economy has to rely on well intentioned school kids to deliver the kit that the country is short of.

    But yes, re-useable toilet paper. That’ll be the next fairy story they’ll be telling us.

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