Eighteen more coronavirus deaths in Scottish hospitals

Anas Sarwar and Jeane Freeman, Scottish Health Secretary.

By Democrat reporter

Scotland’s Health Minister Jeane Freeman said at 2.30pm today (Sunday) that the latest Scottish government figures reveal that 10,324 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Scotland, up 273 on yesterday, from 49,157 people tested.

A further 18 patients have died in hospital, taking the total under that measurement to 1,249 in Scotland.

1,735 patients are in hospital with suspected or confirmed Covid-19, a decrease of 13, with 133 being treated in intensive care, a decrease of eight.

Suspected cases of Covid-19 in Scotland’s care homes have increased by 69 on the previous day and now total 2,690.

During the outbreak, 529 (49%) of adult care homes have lodged at least one notification for suspected Covid-19 and, of those, 345 have reported more than one case according to the latest Scottish government figures.

Not all of these still have outbreaks, with 384 (35%) having a current outbreak of suspected Covid-19 as at 21 April.

Meanwhile, 7,602 NHS staff, around 4.3% of the workforce, are reporting as absent due to a range of reasons related to Covid-19.

The number of inpatients who have been discharged from hospital after testing positive for Covid-19 since 5 March is up by 33 from yesterday’s total to 2,360.

Ms Freeman appealed to people to ignore the attraction of the fine weather to leave the house, obey the lockdown rules, observe social distancing and stay in the house.

As the Government advert states: Dae as yer telt. Stey in the hoose.


Meanwhile, The Scottish government is facing calls to publish data on the ethnicity of people who have died from Covid-19.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats and Labour MSP Anas Sarwar want ministers to make the figures public in light of the UK government pledging to hold a formal review into why black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people appear to be disproportionately affected by the novel coronavirus.

Cllr Jonathan McColl, the leader of the SNP administration West Dunbartonshire Council, was not available to comment on the recent figures or projections for the end of lockdown.

He emerged from obscurity only once to attack Labour MSP Jackie for allegedly telling lies about the ongoing crisis at Crosslet House care home in Dumbarton, which Ms Baillie vigorously denies.


  1. A most interesting statistic and a very heartening one to read too in that the sickness rate in the NHS is a very low 4.3%.

    It would be interesting to contrast that sickness rate with that sustained by the council over the last month as the council struggled to deliver essential services due to sickness levels.

    It would then be interesting to understand the underlying reasons for the differing levels of sickness.

    Understanding is a key to emergency planning and authorities need to review what went well, and what did not go well. Keeping silent, refusing to comment, suspending freedom of information, is the opposite of what is needed.

    So let us identify both the good and the bad, so that we can have trust in our public service.

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