Hancock said 82 NHS workers and 16 social care staff have died with the virus so far

By SKY NEWS reporter
Families of frontline NHS and social care staff who die from coronavirus will each receive a £60,000 payment, Matt Hancock has announced.

The health secretary told the daily Downing Street briefing that 82 NHS workers and 16 social care staff had died with the virus so far.

“I feel a deep personal sense of duty that we must care for their loved ones,” he said.

Matt Hancock Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

Matt Hancock announced the £60,000 payout plan in Downing Street.

“Today, I am able to announce that the government is setting up a life assurance scheme for NHS and social care frontline colleagues.

“Families of staff who die from coronavirus in the course of their essential frontline work will receive a £60,000 payment.

“Of course, nothing replaces the loss of a loved one but we want to do everything we can to support families who are dealing with this grief.”

Mr Hancock said the government was looking at other frontline professions who did not have access to a life assurance scheme “to see where this may be required”.

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  1. If they’d procured adequate supplies of PPE instead of recklessly underfunding key emergency equipment in their never ending austerity they’d not be needing to male this gesture of £60,000 for the loss of a frontline health worker.

    In fact, this exposes the Tories for exactly what they are. Do they really think that £60,000 after the event is recompense for a loved one. The families and the people in our country would rather not have lost their loved ones in the first place.

    And in the case of let us say a doctor, do they have any idea of the social and economic cost of training a doctor. Family loss may be one thing, but you don’t just go out with £60,000 and buy a new doctor.

    Blood money Hancock.

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