Jonathan McColl, Jeane Freeman and a care worker.


West Dunbartonshire Council was in the firing line yesterday for its handling of the re-allocation of care packages for the elderly and disabled.

The basket case Council got it in the neck from Jeane Freeman, the Health Secretary, during a debate on Covid-19 crisis in the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood in Edinburgh.

West Dunbartonshire, in their own inimitable, cack-handed way of handling important  matters brought before them, were completely out of step with Ms Freeman and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on the issue of care packages.

As usual it was members of the elderly and vulnerable electorate who lost out when the uncaring Council axed completely 284 care packages in the most deprived areas allegedly to help them cope during the virus pandemic.

They did this at a time when Argyll and Bute Council, which covers affluent Helensburgh, Cardross and Lomond, decided that they should cut just one single care package in their area.

Jeane Freeman told the Scottish Parliament: “It is not acceptable to me that care packages are being cut—in some instances, by 100 per cent. I expect people to follow the steps that I have already taken.

“If more needs to be done to ensure that existing packages are not cut and that new demand is met, I hope that colleagues in the sector know that my door is always open and that I expect them to come to me with those additional requirements.”

Where Cllr Jonathan McColl, the £42,000 a year, part-time, seldom seen leader of the SNP administration on West Dunbartonshire Council, is in all this is not known.

He has emerged from the shadows only once during the lockdown to attack Dumbarton MSP Jackie Baillie and accuse her of telling lies about the situation at Crosslet House care home, where nearly 20 elderly residents died after contracting corona virus.

He denounced the MSP for telling lies about Crosslet House in Dumbarton, where cover-up and denial was taking place about the number of deaths that had taken place there and even about the presence of Cobid-19 in that council-run care home for the elderly.

Today again, he has kept up his refusal to comment to The Democrat about council affairs, having decided, along with all of his party members,  to ban and boycott our digital news platform.

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  1. So why has WDC cancelled 20% of their care packages whilst Argyll and Bute a micro minuscule 0.04%.

    It’s a big question and no one is answering it.

    Abandoning the vulnerable, removing their care is something crucially important. So once again, how does Argyll and Bute council manage where West Dunbartonshire Council can’t. We need to understand why and the leader needs to make a statement.

    People are dying in this area. This is important. Very important. No time for hiding away in a bunker drawing the public stipend. And ditto the CEO too.

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