Nurses and care workers on the frontline, Jeane Freeman and Jackie Baillie.

By Bill Heaney

Jackie Baillie, MSP for Dumbarton, Vale of Leven, Helensburgh and Lomond, has called on the Scottish Government to pay the £120 registration fee for nurses and £35 fee for social care staff as they continue to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

She called on Jeane Freeman, the Cabinet Secretary for Health, to adopt this change during a sitting of the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday.

Ms Freeman appeared willing to consider this change in fee charges in light of the work currently being carried out by nurses and social care staff.

Ms Baillie MSP said:  “It is right that every Thursday night we clap to show our appreciation for all our hardworking key workers including nurses and social care workers. But they need far more than our applause.

“Our collective gratitude should, in time, be represented in a salary increase for these vital nurses and social care staff.

“But the Scottish Government has the power to immediately pay the registration fees for this year for nurses and social care staff.

“It is the least that should be done to show how much we appreciate all that these nurses and care workers are doing for us just now.

“I hope that the Scottish Government listens to my proposal and I will continue to urge Jeane Freeman to do this small thing as a first step in valuing the contribution of our nurses and care workers.

“My thanks, as ever, goes out to all of our incredible frontline staff who are fighting to keep us all safe.”

Jeane Freeman told parliament: “I am sure that Ms Baillie knows that I completely share the sentiments behind her question.

“I will be happy to look at her request, consider how we might respond to it and let her know the response in early course.”



  1. A very good point about healthcare workers and registration.

    But it’s wider than that. Carers, teachers, social workers, and many many more classes of essential workers have to secure a Public Disclosure Certificate before they are allowed to work.

    Very often the employer pays for these annual checks but that is not always the case and one has to ask if it is right that tens of millions have to be paid annually to the private company that runs the disclosure checks. ( I may be wrong but I think it may be a BT consortia that’ currently runs the disclosure scheme whereas previously I think it was run by a company like Capita )

    But there are other mandatory registrations that essential workers require to secure with window cleaners and taxi drivers being particular examples. And guess which council charges fees many many times higher than other councils? I’ll leave folks to guess that one, and it’s nearer than you’d think. Much nearer.

    Ah mandatory registration. Good idea, great business.

  2. And whilst we’re on about mandatory registrations how many people know tha5 it costs around 22 pence every time someone phones Police Scotland on 111.

    Yes that’s right the police have to pay and the public have to pay every time a call is made with the revenue going to a private company who I believe is Cable and Wireless.

    With all the geographical numbers removed from sight, and save for 999 which is free to phone, there is no other way of phoning the police. Another piece of great business, and one very well hidden away from public, and even the police’s general view.

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