Loch Lomond view with boats and Ben

Report and pictures by Bill Heaney

The public’s adherence to the lockdown is beginning to crack, Friends of Loch Lomond chairman James Fraser has warned.

Mr Fraser tolds BBC Radio Scotland he saw a “worrying trend” last weekend in the national park.

“People have been pretty good up to now given we are the most popular countryside destination in Scotland, but we did notice last weekend a sudden surge in traffic on some of the key routes on east Loch Lomond into the heart of the Trossachs and on the A82,” he said.

Mr Fraser believes it is still a minority but revealed there had been people picnicking at Loch Lomond Shores, others going through a series of barriers at Loch Katrine to have a BBQ and then being unwilling to leave until police were called, while there has been an increase in long-distance cyclists on the road.

“There is some irresponsible behaviour going on,” he says, stressing that there is “a real nervousness” among villagers about an expected “huge influx” of visitors once the lockdown is over.

Lomond Shores Iconic LD

Lomond Shores was a big attraction for motorists last weekend. 

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  1. Lockdown was introduced belatedly only after the policy of allowing the virus to spread was recognised to likely cause hundreds of thousands of deaths in a very short space of time.

    Do not therefore be surprised if the plan to spread the virus is being resurrected. All the banter about the Prime Minister wanting to remove the lockdown whilst the First Minister indicates something slightly different is smoke and mirrors, a double act. They know what they want to do.

    Scotland was as unprepared as England was in terms of the lack testing kit and protective personnel equipment.Both jurisdictions knew what was coming and the decision to not prepare, to not test, to not implement spread control, is the big question people need to ask.

    As to going back to work there is nothing stopping folks doing that as long as they either work at home when they can, or socially distance when they cannot. And for some not receiving their civil service or council salaries and others on furlough, their sacrifice is at least being paid for whilst the self employed get no such support.

    But maybe the self employed, like the elderly, are in the same class of foot soldiers dragooned into the service of herd immunity. It truly is difficult to believe anything you hear from the Westminster and Hollyrood Leaders.

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