By Democrat reporter

Piers Morgan, co-presenter of ITV’s Good Morning Britain breakfast show, has been cleared of breaching TV watchdog Ofcom’s rules, despite attracting more than 3,000 complaints following two interviews with the Government’s Minister of Care, Helen Whately, and after almost 600 viewers complained ab

McColl Jonathan
Cllr Jonathan McColl

out an interview with Health Secretary, Matt Hancock. Morgan defended the first interview, saying it was not as ‘uncomfortable’ as the conditions for the carers on the front line of the crisis.

In its findings, Ofcom said Morgan was ‘well-known for his combative interviewing style’ and viewers would expect him to challenge senior politicians. A spokesman said: ‘In Ofcom’s view, in line with freedom of expression, it is clearly in the public interest that broadcasters are able to hold those making political decisions to account, particularly during a major national crisis, such as the coronavirus pandemic’.

Are you listening SNP? And West Dunbartonshire Council. I know I have been nasty to your leader, Cllr Jonathan McColl, but it’s no more than he deserves. Has anyone seen this Tartan Pimpernel by the way?  £42,000 for disappearing? Even Harry Houdini didn’t make that. It’s high time we had some leadership from him.

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