1. Boris Johnson outlines new ‘stay alert’ slogan; PM will address nation at 19:00
  2. Scottish government ‘not consulted’ over UK government’s new slogan
  3. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who announced there had been another ten deaths in Scotland,  says clear message remains ‘stay at home’
  4. NHS Scotland clinical director Jason Leitch warns we are at ‘fragile moment’
  5. More than 100 coronavirus-related attacks on police officers in Scotland
  6. Scottish government funds study on safe pub reopening

Health secretary Jeane Freeman told BBC Politics Scotland the Scottish government had not been consulted on it and she had “no idea” what it meant.

“We have not been consulted on the possibility of any change and, as it has been reported, that is not a change that we would agree with,” she said.

“I think the first minister was really clear last week that the ‘Stay At Home’ message is the right message and, if I am perfectly frank, I have no idea what ‘Stay Alert’ actually means.”

The Scottish government’s national clinical director Prof Jason Leitch has also said advice remains “very cautious” about any easing of coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

He told BBC Breakfast it was still “too early” to think about any “major changes”.

Prof Leitch added that it was “quite clear” that the key message in Scotland was “stay at home”.

He described it as a “very, very fragile moment” and a time to exercise “maximum caution” as the public had done “astonishingly well” at reducing viral transmission by staying at home.

“The best protection for this virus is your front door – there isn’t any question about that,” he said.

Leitch Prof Jason.jpg 2

Prof Jason Leitch, left,  said it was “too early” for any major changes to lockdown restrictions

“Until the numbers are really low and we understand where it is and we can control outbreaks and we can do our test, trace, isolate systems across the four nations we are still very cautious.

“I am not the decision-maker, I am one of the many advisers, so the advice is cautious. The decision-makers in the four countries will then make choices.”

He said speculation about any changes to lockdown was unhelpful but it was a question of taking “baby steps”.

Prof Leitch added that it was also possible there would be small differences between how different countries moved forward.

“I can see a scenario where we may take the pace at a slightly different rate,” he said.

However, he said he did not think there would be any “massive differences” across the UK.


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