UNISON puts the brakes on nursery workers’ return to work on Monday


Education convener Karen Conaghan and Cllr Caroline McAllister visiting a school.
By Democrat reporter

Some nursery school workers in West Dunbartonshire have been asked to attend work on Monday 8 June 2020, it has been revealed in an update for West Dunbartonshire Branch of Unison members in education (schools and nurseries).

Hopes of a return have been dashed, however, as the union has advised section leads of UNISON that agreement on key issues must be in place prior to any return to work.

The update memo states: “We have been in consultation with senior managers in education since the early days of the crisis we have met on a weekly basis and have been kept up to date with Hubs attendance and staffing.

“Weekly meetings are ongoing and we are also in the early stages of consultation on the opening of premises and phased return of pupils and workers. We have advised section leads of UNISON key issues to be in place prior to any return to work.

“It has been brought to our attention that some nursery workers have been asked to attend work on Monday 8 June 2020.

“Risk assessment and covid specific risk assessments should be completed and consulted with the trade unions prior to any return to work.

“We are in the early stages of consultation, with only one meeting taking place to discuss risk assessments and protocols, and we have not had sight of any documents at this point.

“We have written to Senior Managers expressing our concerns and advising to postpone any return to work until risk assessments are completed and consulted with the trade unions.

“Members should not return to premises without having access to a risk assessment which has been agreed with UNISON.

“We await a response.”

Union members have been told that if they require individual advice to contact their local UNISON Steward or email

Council leader Jonathan McColl was not available for comment.

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  1. A sensible move to have nursery workers return to engage in health and safety discussions prior to any decision on resumption. Or it seems sensible move.

    Maybe the Union could advice why they disagree with this and why no one is to return to work to even consider health and safety unless and until the union have been consulted and have given their approval.

    Something doesn’t gel here. Are the management playing games and the union reacting or vice versa, No one it seems is saying. Time this was opened up.It should not be a them and us and we already have the nonsense of bringing in private contractors to do work whilst council employees sit at home on paid leave.

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