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  1. It’s sloganeering like this that undermines the good work that trade unions can do. This is just a jumble of points.

    Education of our youngsters is a key priority. Doing it safely, ensuring that the virus does not spread, ensuring that is contained, That is the challenge – and a lot of people are working on that.

    There is not however, at least in my opinion, sufficient public engagement in relation to what is going to happen when schools go back. This is needed to build public confidence. The current proposal, or at least national proposal, is to halve class sizes and move to two days school with three days at home. Concomitantly there seems to be a national directive that certain children classified as disadvantaged together with children of a parent or parents who are classified as key workers will receive five days schooling as opposed to the two being given to every other child.

    These are significant proposals and will have significant impacts. Obviously things can change, the virus could peter out or could quickly come back again. Looking at the crowds heading up the local lochside, to the beaches, to the queues outside fast food eateries, one could be forgiven for thinking the virus has gone away. Well maybe it has in the minds of the under sixties and healthy, but not for the over sixties and or unhealthy who are the real high risk in all of this.

    We are not all in it together. Never have been. The Johnson – Cummings message tells us that. The Conservative governments denial of universal benefit to hundreds of thousands left without an income tells us that. The application of fixed penalties to ordinary citizens whilst the rich and influential can do as they please tells us that. The off shore tax haven owned care homes tell us that – and of course our day trippers to congregate in beauty spots tells us that.

    But going back to the subject of schooling. There needs to be a debate and public engagement about what is being done. Halving class sizes and providing two days of school time as the nationally required method of delivering safe education is certainly something that should be being discussed.

    And education, education of our young, education for the future, that is the one thing thing the GMB banner advert fails to mention.

    Message therefore to Councillors and Council chiefs. Why no engagement? Why no detail? What plans have your schools been working on? What are they. Or are they a secret?

    So c’mon the SNP too. You’re in government locally here and nationally in Hollyrood. Tell us what the plans are. This is the time to stand forward. Let’s hope you do!

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