Council’s furlough schemes must not be a ‘waiting room for redundancy’

By Democrat reporter

Councils across Scotland, including West Dunbartonshire,  have announced that they have applied to the UK Government’s Job Retention Scheme to fund their staff through the furlough scheme.

Johanna Baxter, UNISON Scotland head of local government, said: “The fact that Scottish councils are having to apply for funding from the Westminster furlough scheme is a damning indictment of the Scottish Government’s under-funding of local government and demonstrates how cash-strapped they are.

“The Scottish Government need to address the shortfall in local government finance as a matter of urgency to protect jobs and services going forward. UNISON are absolutely clear that furlough cannot be a waiting room for redundancies.

Council services are needed more than ever and council staff have been heroic during COVID 19 pandemic caring for our most vulnerable people, looking after the children of key workers, housing rough sleepers and collecting our refuse. Investment in public services is the lesson of this pandemic.”

UNISON is campaigning for local government: Fighting Together Today For A Better Future Tomorrow https://www.unison-scotland.org/unison-launch-campaign-for-heroic-local-government-workers/

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