Economic Recovery Plan agreed to tackle COVID-19 impact

“We need to work together locally to help recover our local economy.”

 The Leader of Argyll and Bute Council, Councillor Aileen Morton, summed up the challenges facing the local economy in moving on from the impacts of COVID-19.

 “Tourism and regeneration work on hold, numerous local shops closed, businesses suspended, jobs being lost… COVID-19 is having significant consequences for the local economy.

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Coronavirus News

Council agrees funding to help events affected by COVID-19: Argyll and Bute Council will invest up to £250,000 in events and festivals to help the local economy combat the impact of COVID-19.

Scottish Government announces continuation of shielding: The Scottish Government has announced that shielding will continue until at least 31 July. Letters with further information have been sent out to everyone asked to shield. National food parcels will continue to be issued during this period.

Business support fund will close on 10 July: Argyll and Bute Council has given out £30 million in business grants, and is reminding businesses affected by COVID-19 that help is still available.

Other news

Expansion of early learning and childcare hours continuing to progress: Moves to expand Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) and implement 1140 hours of funded ELC in Argyll and Bute by August 2020 are continuing to progress, despite the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Dalmoak refuse and re-use centre

Amenity sites in Argyll and Bute are now open to vans and trailers.

Households may now take vans and trailers to amenity sites: As of today, 12 June, households will be able to take vans and trailers to our civic amenity sites to dispose of general/domestic and garden waste. Thank you for your patience in waiting until we were able to open the sites to larger loads. Our sites are not yet able to receive the full range of recycling items, however, we are working hard to get them all working as normal in the very near future.

Supporting care-experienced children and young people: Argyll and Bute Council is continuing to deliver a range of services aimed at improving the educational attainment and life chances of care experienced children and young people.

Did you know?

If you develop symptoms of COVID-19, you should now book a test online.

  • The Scottish Government has introduced a package of support for students facing hardship over the summer.
  • There is guidance on using face coverings when out and about.
  • The NHS provides ideas for gym-free workouts so you can get fit at home.
  • The council’s website provides information and support for local businesses and people in getting any help you might need in dealing with the consequences of COVID-19.

One comment

  1. I’m afraid the best laid plans of any local authority or indeed the Scottish Government to recover the economy will come to naught.

    The UK faced with an over 20% reduction in GDP in April and no doubt a similar fall in May is sustaining the biggest slide ever in economic output ever in 300 years. Quite how the economy recovers from that is one scary question. Just think of the impact of a twenty percent reduction in everyone’s wages, or twenty percent less to spend on hospitals, schools, roads, pensions, social security!

    It doesn’t bear thinking about and yet today, and in defiance of requests from the Welsh, Northern Irish and Scottish devolved Governments to extend the Brexit transition period, Boris Johnstone will today in a video conference tell the EU that they are “ drinking in the last chance saloon ‘ and that unless the EU concede to British demands then Britain will leave with no deal.

    Such action must cause absolute fear for our people. It certainly is for our business community who fear such an action. It is to put it bluntly like a war with Europe. Do as we say or we will stuff you with no deal.

    All cooperation gone with a we won the war mentality, I’m not sure that the U.K. will win an economic war against the combined might of the EU, let alone the individual economic might of individual countries like Germany or France.

    Maybe Boris Johnson and his band think they will now go and retake the USA economically and tell Trump they want a deal or else. Or maybe Johnson thinks they can do the same to China. ( but if anyone wants a hint Trump has already levied a 25% import tax on slumping Scotch Whisky sales and has also said that any post Brexit trade deal will involve the NHS)

    Ah well, fair play to Argyll and Bute for thinking about economic recovery but between COVID and a hard no deal Brexit poor Argyll and Bute are but a sideline bit player.

    Chlorinated chicken or economically trussed up like a chicken for the slaughter, it’s not difficult to see how we may be heading to the biggest slump in living standards imaginable.

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