The Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, Health Secretary Jeane Freeman and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

The report on what went wrong at the £842 million QE2 Hospital and Royal Children’s Hospital, both of which take patients from West Dunbartonshire, has received full coverage in The Democrat today.

The report has been described as “explosive” by Miles Briggs, the Conservative Health spokesperson at the Scottish Parliament.

Go to the Home page and scroll down for a summary of the report and the Health Board’s reaction to it.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Jackie Baillie MSP.

Another important story is that Jackie Baillie, the MSP for Dumbarton, Vale of Leven, Helensburgh and Lomond, was the first to point out to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in the Scottish Parliament that Covid-19 was on its way.

Our report which shows the FM believed her advisers thought it was most likely a flu bug and that they were well equipped to deal with it, which they were not and are still not on matters such as PPE,  is also in The Democrat today. There have been 4,000 deaths in Scotland.

We also have the latest on children going back to school in August. Will they or won’t they and will the trade unions – all four of them – come to an agreement with West Dunbartonshire Council?

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  1. Who exactly is Miles Briggs. But here’s a question for him and his Conservative party.

    Post Brexit and a trade deal with Trump can he guarantee that there will be no privatisation of healthcare. The NHS is a prime target for many of the American healthcare corporations and many of the top Tories have interests in private health care, and see the NzHS as the last big privatisation opportunity.

    Safe with them, well if you read the news, the Westminster Government by legislation are now making provision post Brexit to allow chlorinated chicken and other foods currently banned under EU legislation because of certain pesticides and steroids.

    The NFU Scotland are outraged because in a race to the bottom it will undermine their high reputation well produced foodstuffs. And they’ve garnered 950,000 signatures in a petition against the changes. But what does it count for, no body’s listening, at least not in Tory HQ. It’s all about a trade deal with the US and us commercial interests.


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