Everybody’s doing it, but not up here in Scotland. FM Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t think it’s NOT necessary to do it right away, but she was wrong at the outset when she said the same about lockdown. So, if you are going to take public transport or a taxi or venture out shopping then wear a mask. It could save your life. Don’t chance it. Wear a mask and keep Covid-19 at bay. Keep yourself and your friends and family safe. Indeed, keep everyone safe. We don’t want top see your name amongst the 4,000 plus of those poor people who have already died after contracting coronavirus.


  1. Why would you wear a mask when Boris and the boys want to reduce social distancing, open all the shops, and was wanting to send the children back to school earlier this month.

    But he wants everyone in England to wear a mask when they’re on the bus, train, plane or boat.

    Something doesn’t gel.

  2. And if Boris is wanting to reduce social distancing, open the shops, why are they for example still continuing to build Nightingale Hospitals.

    With the international contractor Bam just having complete a Nightingale hospital in North Yorkshire they are now commencing the construction of another Nightingale hospital in an old Homebase store in Exeter to take COVID 19 patients..

    Does this policy of continuing to build Nightingale hospitals indicate that Boris Johnston and the boys believe that their will be another wave of COVID 19 cases as he pushes to reduce social and get the shops, cafes, restaurants and bars back to business.

    And would it be cynical to think that with another wave of a virus that kills predominately the over sixties that infection of this section of society is but a small opportunity cost to pay to protect the economy. Certainly maybe seems that way?

    No doubt time will tell as R Nought again starts to rise above 1 in various areas in the North and South of England with attendant increases in infection numbers.

  3. You need an electron microscope to detect covid19. Size ranges ,06-.14 microns.What “mask” will filter that and let you breath? Spit and sputum carry a load of covid19. It collects on the “mask.” Surgeons are trained….NEVER TOUCH YOUR MASK, Lay people are never done fiddling with them.So covid19 is all over their hands and faces and the rest.

    RATIONALE FOR WEARING MASKS The “The Precautionary Principle.” That is based on THE LACK OF EVIDENCE. I agree. Evasive action is appropriate…keep people away from covid19. But “masks” may breed a false sense of security and spread the virus. Check the rest of this article for the lack of research and evidence. covid19 is a new mutation.

    Against the background of years of NHS privatisation the UK Gov response to covid19 has been founded on dereliction and neglect tantamount to murder. This lock-down/distancing is a 1/2 measure. The effectiveness of that required integrated actions at the local Primary Care level viz. testing, isolation and contact tracing. @AllysonPollock amongst others are trying to fix this mess. I am not clear what ScotGov did different given their responsibility for the NHS here. Clearly covid19 knows no such boundaries. Communications have been abysmal…..leaving people to fend for themselves and taking advice from all manner of quack sources on the internet.

    One thing is clear. Whatever the NHS “business model” is that and it’s capitalist, profit mongering protagonists need to be binned. Total nationalisation of the NHS with full integration of the NHS at national and local levels. All of these business studies people are out with their PR, sales, marketing, promos, branding and quack psychology. We need properly qualified and experienced health care professionals to look after our health. Not these f—ing money changers…..and their party political hack friends.


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