Good morning,

Unfortunately, for the present, the government have placed certain restrictions on those attending Mass.

I’m sure you will have heard by now that Masses are to recommence from Wednesday.

Firstly, the numbers are to be limited to 50 and the church must keep a record of contact details for those attending Mass.

In order to comply with this, we have introduced a booking system, a link to which you can find on the parish website or facebook page.

If you do not have access to these but wish to go to Mass, please phone me and I will book it for you. It is not enough to leave a message on the answerphone since I will have to book it and confirm that there are places available.

You can either print a ticket which will be part of the email you receive to acknowledge your booking or keep it on your mobile phone. I am sorry to say that only those who have booked will be allowed entry.

The booking system is for Sunday Masses only (vigil Mass also). During the weekday Masses you will be asked to leave your name and a contact number with the Passkeepers who will welcome you at the front door.

The side door will remain closed. If you have mobility issues and require the side door to be opened the Passkeeper will open it for you. The Passkeepers are there to help you, please do what they ask you.

As you enter and leave, please make use of the hand sanitiser, provided for you. You can transmit germs on gloves, so please remove them before you enter the church and use the hand sanitiser. It contains aloe as an additional balm for your hands. Face masks must be worn.

We must ensure that the Church is clean and disinfected after each use. So the church will be closed immediately after Mass to allow this to be done and the church to dry before the next Mass.

Church opening times will change once Mass begins. It will be open from 9.00am till 11.00am in the morning Monday to Saturday and from 6.00pm till 7.30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. On Saturday it will also be open from 5.00pm for confessions and close after the Vigil mass. On Sundays it will be open for Mass times only.

Unfortunately, the government has not yet given permission for the Sacraments of Baptism or Weddings to be celebrated in Church.

For funerals, they have placed a limit on numbers attending at 20. If there is a funeral, Mass that day will be only for those attending the funeral.

The Bishops have extended the suspension of the obligation to attend Mass for the present.

Canon Gerard Conroy, Parish Priest

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