By Holly Thomas
TOP STORIESWednesday, July 29


As part of his visit to the UK, Donald Trump said that the NHS must be on the table as part of any trade deal with the UK after Brexit. This is a serious and direct threat to the NHS that we all know and love – so I’m calling on our government to guarantee that our health service will never form part of ANY trade deal, never mind one with Donald Trump.

Our NHS is a vital public service, it must remain protected from commercial exploitation.

As an NHS Doctor I know how valuable our health service is. First and foremost I care about my patients, and I’m seriously concerned that this could be the beginning of the end for high-quality healthcare for all in the UK.

Opening up the NHS to US corporations would mean that the profit motive invades our NHS, patient data is up for sale, access to healthcare is rationed and we would be staring at a system, as in the USA, where if you can’t pay you don’t get care.

Decent healthcare is a human right and should never be a commodity to be bought and sold. Let’s send a message to Donald Trump to keep his hands off our NHS and ask the UK government to legally guarantee that it will never form part of a trade deal with America, nor any other trade deal
Our NHS is there for all of us at the best and worst times of our lives, it’s part of our identity, and it is not for sale. Please sign my petition to help protect our NHS
Dr Sonia Adesara, –  Junior doctor and member of Keep Our NHS Public

 Joe Biden was uncharacteristically tight-lipped on Tuesday about the final stretch of his search for a vice president. But the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee seemed prepared to talk about at least one leading contender: California Sen. Kamala Harris. As he took questions from reporters, Biden held notes that were photographed by an Associated Press journalist. Harris’ name was scrawled across the top, followed by talking points. “Do not hold grudges.” “Campaigned with me & Jill.” “Talented.” “Great help to campaign.” “Great respect for her.” [HuffPost] ‌

Attorney General William Barr made a defiant appearance before a House committee, rejecting claims that he’d improperly interfered in the prosecutorial decision-making process to benefit President Donald Trump’s allies and defending the deployment of militarized federal agents to cities against the wishes of local leaders. Barr has also come under fire for his handling of the Mueller report, plus cases against Trump associates Michael Flynn and Roger Stone, his involvement in the firing of a top federal prosecutor overseeing cases against other Trump associates. [HuffPost] ‌

A half-dozen U.S. states in the South and West reported new one-day records for coronavirus deaths and cases in Texas passed the 400,000 mark as California health officials said Latinos made up more than half its cases. Arkansas, California, Florida, Montana, Oregon and Texas each reported record spikes in fatalities. In the United States more than 1,300 lives were lost on Tuesday, the biggest one-day increase since May. [Reuters]

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