Rest and Be Thankful road to close at 7pm due to warning of thunderstorms

Engineering work at the Rest and Be Thankful
Road crews maintenance teams have been working since last week to tackle damage caused by appalling weather. Picture by BEAR Scotland.

By Bill Heaney

The Old Military Road used by traffic diverted off the A83 at the Rest and Be Thankful after it was hit by landslips is to close overnight tonight (Monday).

It was opened to traffic on Saturday while work was carried out to clear tonnes of debris from the A83.

However, roads company Bear Scotland said it would shut from 21:00 (7 o’clock) due to a forecast for heavy rain. The Met Office has issued weather warnings for thunderstorms.

Boulders as big as cars were among debris which fell on the A83 last week and led to closure of the road on which nearly £80 million has been spent over a long number of years.

Helensburgh woman, Argyll and Bute council leader Aileen Morton says it is time the Scottish government stopped “shilly shallying” and came up with the cash for a permanent solution.

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  1. Oh dear, another ya boo cat call from the Argyll and Bute council leader for the Scottish Government to stop “shilly shallying ” and come up with cash for a permanent solution.

    And would that be the £2 billion tunnel previously floated. Or the elevated roadway through the gorge?

    With the Scottish Government restricted by Westminster to borrowing £450m one can see how its not just a matter of saying acradabra to a few billion here. Wish that it were and that Argyll and Bute could have all of its other pet projects – tunnel from Ayrshire to Argyll, crossing from Helensburgh to Gourock together with some other major infrastructure upgrades.

    Ah well, if the Scottish Government don’t have access to the cash, maybe Eilleen and the Argyll and Bute Council should just magic it up. So come on Eileeen, just do it, do it now!

    ( But seriously though, to lift this recession, the country really does need to consider the benefits of a USA style NEW Deal where billions of pounds are created and spent to get the economy working. Nothing wrong with borrowing if it expands your economy to pay for it. But sadly, such policy is not within the powers of the Scottish Parliament .

    By comparison, look as the HS2 rail scheme for England. Costed at £56 billion in 2015, and then £106 billion in 2019 and still rising it is but only one mega project underway in the south of England. Or think of the new Hinkley Point power station at £22.5 billion and rising, or London’s Cross Rail over budget £17.6 billion project. No shortage of economy stimulating down south – but hey that’s different, the south east is a priority area, needs and deserves the best, always has done )

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