But the board decided that an application to keep using its outdoor drinking area in its car park even after the pandemic should be continued to their next meeting to allow the bar’s management to consult with planning chiefs.

The outdoor drinking area has operated using an occasional licence since pubs were allowed to re-open after lockdown in July. An outdoor beer garden, on the other side of the pub, has operated for many years.

Councillor David Kinniburgh, whose ward includes Cardross, said: “I know the layout of the car park was changed yesterday and it seems to be a lot better than what was previously there.

“There was an agreement put in place with roads officers that tables would be removed to give better access to the exit.

“But I pass this area on a regular basis, and last night a car was parked on a double yellow line because they could not get into the premises.

“The tables have been moved closer to neighbouring residential properties. Can you give me some comments on how you view the parking arrangements?”

Andrew Morgan, of pub operators the Iona Pub Partnership, said: “The management team would have to ensure that is managed at all times, and I take on board that car parking space, which makes it very tight.

“Parking near to access or exit points would have to be tightly monitored at all times so there is no obstruction to anybody looking to move out on to the main road.”

The application will be considered at the next meeting of the board on November 10.

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