WD Leisure Trust Members Update – 19/11/2020

UNISON are aware of West Dunbartonshire Leisure Trust’s intention to pay staff 80% of their salary through the Job Retention Scheme as a result of West Dunbartonshire being placed in Level 4 restrictions from Friday 20th November.

UNISON will not agree with anything less than 100% of salary being paid and we would advise members not to sign anything at this stage.

UNISON will issue a further update in due course.

This information has also been sent by email to all UNISON members within West Dunbartonshire Leisure Trust members we hold an up to date email address for. If you did not receive this, we would ask that you please contact the branch via the link below, to allow us to update your details.

Contact UNISON West Dunbartonshire 

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  1. In the circumstances there are many who would be grateful to receive 80% of their wages whilst being on leave.

    Many others not in the employ of public service will not be so lucky. The self employed being the classic example. Or many of the local businesses who are not being granted rates relief.

    What however may stick in the craw is that the Council have been receiving furlough money from the Treasury and money that was designated to support employees in the private sector where these employees would otherwise have lost their jobs.

    All in all not a good time all round but at least everyone in the Council still has a job which is I think much better than £64.00 universal benefit.

    But here’s a question that should maybe be asked. What other, if any, other workers are sustaining a 20% pay reduction.

    Or is it only the leisure workers?

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