The Very Rev Susan Brown, former Moderator of the General Assembly of the Kirk.

By Cameron Brooks

The Westminster government’s decision to cut the Foreign Aid Budget has been roundly condemned by the Church of Scotland.

The Very Rev Dr Susan Brown, convener of the Faith Impact Forum, said: “The decision to slash the aid budget will do irreparable harm to our partners around the world, who themselves are braced for the economic shock of the pandemic. Cutting this work is short-sighted and tarnishes the UK’s international reputation.  In times of global need, it is those with the broadest shoulders that need to support others.

“International development is not about charity, it is essential to the delivery of the vision of a Global Britain, as foreign aid supports UK priorities.

“Protecting public health, promoting human rights, tackling violence against women, mitigating against climate change.

“Helping to build stable economies and societies will have long term benefits for international peace and security.

“The Church of Scotland has supported the campaign for 0.7% for international development budget for many years.

“We ask MPs of all parties to urge the UK Government to reconsider, for the sake of humanity and because of what this decision says about what kind of country we aspire to be.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Welby, said last night that making the decision to have 0.7% for international development was one of the best decisions the UK had made in the past 20 years.


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