In the bleak midwinter,
  forced to stay at home,
Browsing on my laptop,
  searching on my phone;
Trying to order presents,
  my internet’s too slow,
In the bleak midwinter,
  so many gifts to go.

Oh God, what should I get them
  to put beneath the tree?
What’s this? A gift subscription
  to the LRB!
In this bleak midwinter,
  with all our plans on ice:
An LRB subscription,
  reasonably priced.

Alan Bennett’s diary,
  Hilary Mantel,
Amia Srinivasan,
  and Colm Tóibín as well.
Plus Patricia Lockwood
 on the Covid blues,
Lauren Oyler, Pankaj Mishra,
 and more from Adam Tooze.

So what can I give them,
  desperate as I am?
A movie with George Peppard,
  A pot of homemade jam?
A shot of Pfizer vaccine?
  Can’t add that to cart.
An LRB subscription:
  that will be a start.


This one’s for you especially MT. Class piece of copywriting. Have yourself a wonderful Christmas. Billx



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