HARASSMENT: Sturgeon ‘aware of concern’ about SNP whip before complaint

SNP MP has stood down from his Westminster role following claims he groped two male researchers in 2016

Glasgow North MP Patrick Grady has been accused of sexual harassment.

By Lucy Ashton

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed she was aware of concerns about SNP chief whip Patrick Grady before a formal sexual harassment complaint was made about him.

The Glasgow North MP stood aside from his Westminster role following claims he groped two male researchers at an SNP Christmas party in 2016.

Further allegations have also emerged about claims that Grady, 41, “inappropriately” touched an SNP staff member, then aged 19, in a London pub.

It has since been claimed the First Minister was told about Grady’s alleged behaviour by Alex Salmond at the same April 2, 2018, meeting that he first disclosed details of the sexual harassment investigation into himself.

Speaking at the Scottish Government’s coronavirus briefing, the SNP leader confirmed that a formal complaint had been received but refused to elaborate on how long she has known about the allegations.

Asked when and where she first learned of the claims against Grady, Sturgeon said: “I would have had an awareness previously of a concern, but not a formal complaint.

“I’m not going to say more than that because due process requires that an investigation is allowed to take its course.”

The Daily Record has reported the staff member involved in the allegation also claims a complaint he made about being sexually harassed by a female SNP MP in the Commons’ Strangers Bar in 2020 was ignored by Grady.

An SNP spokesman previously confirmed a complaint had been made but said the party would not comment further while the investigation was carried out.

The Scottish Conservatives described Sturgeon’s admission as a “bombshell confession”.

Glasgow MSP Annie Wells, right,  said: “She admits knowing of concerns about this senior SNP MP yet did nothing about it.

“Not only did she keep a lid on it, but she actively campaigned for Patrick Grady and then reappointed him to the post of chief whip.

“If she thinks she can fob people off with the excuse that there was no formal complaint, she is mistaken. That just does not wash in today’s world.”

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  1. Amazing, quite amazing that Nicola Sturgeon is admitting to the fact that she knew about the Patrick Grady 2016 grope incident.

    Sits quite at odds with the bigger story about her knowing nothing about the Alex Salmond allegation. However, with Grady, he was it very much seems one of the team. And so despite the allegations, was actually thereafter promoted to chief whip in the knowledge of them.

    Doesn’t have a good look to it at all. Amazing though how zNicola Sturgeon knew about this but not the Alex Salmond allegations. In fact something smells, and very badly so.

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