POLITICS: Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar to stand against Nicola Sturgeon in her own constituency

Labour leader Anas Sarwar is taking on Nicola Sturgeon in “her ain midden”.

By Lucy Ashton

Scottish Labour’s new leader is launching an unprecedented bid to oust Nicola ­Sturgeon from her own constituency.

Anas Sarwar has vowed to put his party back on the map by challenging the First ­Minister in Glasgow Southside at the Holyrood election in May.

It will be the first time in British politics two major party leaders have contested the same seat.

Undeterred by Sturgeon’s near 10,000 majority in Govan, Sarwar said: “It may well be her constituency but it’s my home.

“I was brought up on the south side of Glasgow, I live here and it’s where I bring up my children.

“It’s the most vibrant, most diverse part of the whole of ­Scotland, it’s part of who I am.

“I know it’s a big task but I don’t want to be parachuted in as a candidate somewhere else.

“I want to start in my home, stand in the heart of my ­community and persuade the people who live around me that they can believe in Labour again – that we can have a functioning party again.

“I believe I can rebuild on the south side of Glasgow with the same message of hope and ­optimism for the future that will help us rebuild across Scotland.”

Sarwar, 37, beat fellow MSP ­Monica Lennon to become ­Scottish Labour leader last month after Richard Leonard stood down in January.

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  1. Given David Davis MP’s exposure last night in the House of Commons regarding Nicola Surgeon and her husband giving false statenents to Parliament and evidence under oath, it maybe that Sturgeon will not be contesting the Glasgow Southside seat

    More like a visit to the big Govan Police Station.

    David Davis under Westminster privilege has blown the absolute lid on what has been kept secret.

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