Captain Iain Breckenridge hands over to Captain Neil Lamont.

By Lucy Ashton

THE ORGANISATION responsible for training Royal Navy Submariners in Scotland – Fleet Operational Sea Training (Submarines) (FOST (SM)) – has a new Commanding Officer.

The current Captain FOST Submarines, Captain Iain Breckenridge, formally handed over to Captain Neil Lamont on Tuesday, 16 November, during the supersession at HM Naval Base Clyde.

Captain Breckenridge said: “As I hand over to Captain Lamont, pictured right,  I complete my final assignment and I am delighted that it was in FOST SM, enabling me to work with a superb team and still go to sea in submarines.

“I have no doubt that Neil will continue to take FOST SM forward and meet the at sea training need whilst bringing new capabilities into service.  I wish him and the whole FOST SM team every success.”

The Capt FOST SM post will be Iain’s final assignment in the Royal Navy after 37 years of service.  Educated at The Glasgow Academy, he joined the Royal Navy in September 1984 and joined the Submarine Service in 1987.

During an illustrious career, he served with HMS Opossum during the first UK submarine visit to Russia since the Second World War, as the Operations Officer on HMS Trenchant and, after passing the Submarine Command Course in 1996, as Executive Officer of HMS Superb and the Commanding Officer of HMS Tireless and HMS Astute.

He also enjoyed several US deployments over the years, including a US exchange visit, the completion of the US Submarine Command Course in 2005 and time working in Washington DC and the Pentagon.

Iain took command as FOST Captain SM in September 2018 with responsibility for all Royal Navy submarine training both on shore and at sea.

Taking over the role is Captain Neil Lamont.  No stranger to HM Naval Base Clyde, Neil has spent three years in command of HMS Vigilant and HMS Vengeance.

Captain Lamont said: “I am delighted to be taking over this demanding and challenging role in FOST SM, leading a highly skilled and dedicated team.

“Captain Breckenridge has done a fine job in maintaining training output throughout Covid and transforming Submarine Training to maintain our fighting edge.”

“I look forward to continuing this process and supporting the UK’s highest military priority – Continuous at Sea Deterrence.”

Joining Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) in 1986 as a General List Seaman Officer, Captain Lamont began specialising as a Submariner in 1989.

Over the years he has served deployments on all classes of submarines eventually completing the Submarine Command Course in 2004.  This was followed by a three-year assignment as Executive Officer of HMS Tireless.

There was also a spell in charge of Warfare Training at the Royal Navy Submarine School at HMS Raleigh before he headed back to sea with HMS Victorious.

Selected for promotion and command in 2015, Neil went on to command HMS Vigilant and Vengeance as well as joining the Submarine Flotilla for two years.

Based at HM Naval Base Clyde, FOST SM provides the highest standards of training for Submariners, led by a dedicated team of experts and working under the guidance of Commander Fleet Operational Sea Training (COM FOST) based in Plymouth.


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