More time to have your say on Argyll and Bute Council’s education proposal

15 December 2021

By Aileen Maclennan

The timetable of engagement for the proposed Collective Leadership Model for our schools has been extended.

Our community councils, parent councils, teachers, school staff and people of Argyll and Bute will now have until the 4 March 2022 to provide feedback on the proposal. This date has been extended by one month from the initial date of 4 February 2022.

The Council are committed to giving everyone the time they need understand and have conversations around the proposed model, before providing their feedback.

Community councils, parent councils, teachers and school staff should now all have a copy of the proposal and a feedback form. If they have not yet received this, they can contact to request it in a format suited to them.

All other members of the public can view and feedback on the proposal at

View the full timetable of engagement at

The proposed Collective Leadership Model will go to Argyll and Bute elected members for a decision in Autumn 2022.


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  1. Load of old spin and hot air..

    Maybe parents could ask about the mandatory model of teaching where their fourteen year old daughter or son is to be questioned about whether, and how often they indulge in vaginal, anal o4 oral sex.

    Or maybe parents can ask about the teaching aids for primary children funded and prepared by Stonewall.

    And meanwhile literacy and numeracy levels and academic achievement are dropping like a stone in our Scottish state schools.

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