SPORT: Rangers fans set for ‘crazy’ heatwave in the ‘frying pan of Europe’ 

Rangers fans warned over extreme heat in the Spanish city of Seville

‘Heat is on’: Rangers fans set for ‘Crazy’ Seville heatwave in the ‘frying pan of Europe’  
Rangers’ fans win a place in the sun Fans: Arrivals enjoying Seville sunshine.

Scottish Television News is reporting that Rangers fans travelling to Seville for the Europa League final have been warned to expect “crazy” and potentially record-breaking temperatures in the “frying pan of Europe”.

A heatwave is predicted for the week ahead with forecasted highs of 40C for the Spanish city as the Ibrox side get ready to take on Eintracht Frankfurt in the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán.

On Wednesday, when the game will take place, temperatures are expected to be in the mid-30s during the day and around 25C by the time of kick-off.

The May record temperature for Seville is the 40.8C recorded in 2015 and experts believe that could be beaten by the weekend.

Tens of thousands of Rangers supporters are making their way from all over Scotland, the UK and beyond for their first European final since 2008.

And STV meteorologist Sean Batty has urged those travelling to the city to be careful and aware of the coming heatwave that is something we never experience in Scotland and even rare for Spain in the summer.

He said: “For those off to Seville the heat is really on, and it’s nothing to do with football. Southern Spain is about to experience extreme heat, even by Spanish standards.

“I often refer to southern Spain as the oven of Europe in the summer months, because it’s quite often where our warmer spells originate from. But more specifically, Seville is known as the frying pan of Europe as it is often one of the top spots in Spain for heat.

“Often it’ll be in the high 30s to low 40s in the summer spike, but not normally this high so early on in the season.

“The temperatures expected in the coming days will be crazy with tops of 40C by Friday and Saturday.

“Players will be thankful of a later kick-off on Wednesday as the temperatures come down from their afternoon highs in the mid 30s, but even then, it’ll still be around 25C – the equivalent of a very warm mid-summer’s day at Ibrox.

“The all-time record temperature for Spain is 47.2C recorded in August 2021. The May record for Seville is 40.8C set back in 2015, and having looked at the computer models, I’d say there’s a decent chance the city is heading for a new record later in the week.”

And Sean has urged the Ibrox faithful to make sure they pack strong suntan lotion and drink plenty of water as they brave the elements.

He continued: “So if you’re off to Seville make sure you’ve got the factor 30+ suntan lotion packed and if you suffer from asthma remember the inhaler. Also, make sure when you’re there to drink plenty of water and carry a bottle with you to make sure you’re not caught out.

“I know I sound like Nanny Batty, but this really is an extreme event, something we never experience in Scotland, and something which is even very rare in Spain in May.

“So have fun in the sun, but just remember taps-oan, drink your water and slap on the lotion.”

Meanwhile, one Seville bar boss has said the city is not prepared for the influx of football fans and fear they don’t have enough televisions in bars in the city to watch the game.

Michael Melia, manager of Irish bar O’Neills, said city authorities had hugely “underestimated the numbers”, saying a lack of places to watch the match in the city centre is going to be a problem.

“If 60,000 go to La Cartuja, where will the other thousands go?,” he asked. “I don’t think there’s enough TVs”.

It is believed Eintracht Frankfurt will have between 60,000 and 100,000 fans travelling for the final this time.

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