THE QUEEN: Statement from the Lord Speaker, The Rt Hon. Lord McFall of Dumbarton

House of Lords Speaker Lord McFall from Dumbarton paid this tribute to HM Queen Elizabeth:

‘Following the death of the Queen, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the nation and the whole Commonwealth is united in deep mourning.

For 70 years she has been a loyal and steadfast presence in the national life of the United Kingdom.

Her integrity, unique record of public service, deep sense of faith and commitment to her role have ensured that she will be regarded as a supreme example of a constitutional Monarch.

Her vital relationship with our Chamber, where the three elements of Parliament come together during the State Opening, ensures that she will be forever remembered and cherished by the House of Lords.

Today my thoughts, and indeed those of the whole House, will go out to His Majesty the King and to the members of the Royal family, for whom this feeling of loss will be profound.

Today the nation reflects on the service Queen Elizabeth II gave to the Crown and to her people, and gives thanks for her life.

In fondest remembrance of a Queen dedicated to Her nation and Her people.’

HMY Britannia - Wikipedia

HMY Britannia was built in 1953  on Clydeside at John Brown’s shipyard in Clydebank. Top picture: Queen Elizabeth’s coffin is carried into St Giles’ Cathedral.

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