POLICE: Around 1 in 4 suspected drug drivers escaping justice due to testing delays are repeat offenders

By Bill Heaney 

Almost a quarter of suspected drug drivers who evaded justice due to forensic testing delays were repeat offenders.

In response to questions from Scottish Conservative MSP Russell Findlay, right, the SNP government admitted that 99 out of 446 suspected drug drivers whose cases were dropped were repeat offenders.

Innocent victims were injured in two of the incidents, while 40 involved a collision.

In June, it was revealed that since 2019 proceedings against 386 suspected drug drivers were dropped because testing did not take place within the statutory 12-month deadline.

In response to Mr Findlay’s questions, the Scottish government revealed the high number of repeat offenders and also admitted that 60 more have since been dropped.

The Scottish Conservatives are urging ministers to properly resource forensic services, which are carried out by the Scottish Police Authority.

Shadow Community Safety Minister, Russell Findlay, said“It was shocking enough when it was revealed that hundreds of drug-driving suspects snared by police were able to evade justice due to forensic delays.

“But it’s even worse to now discover, months later, that many of them were repeat offenders, that innocent people suffered injuries in two of these incidents and that 60 more such cases have also been binned.

“Those who get behind the wheel while impaired by drugs are a danger to themselves and recklessly risk the safety of everyone else. All drug drivers should be brought to justice and that is especially true of repeat offenders.

“Law-abiding road users should feel safe and have faith in the justice system – but that’s no longer the case under this incompetent SNP government which needs to get a grip before somebody is killed.”

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