Jackie Baillie has spoken of her ongoing frustration that the Scottish Government continues to snub Dumbarton on its 800th anniversary of becoming a Royal Burgh.

Having written to Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Angus Robertson – known widely at Holyrood as Lord Snooty – earlier in the year, she again pressed him on the issue during a Scottish Parliament question session last week.

Despite again asking what the Scottish Government would do to mark the special milestone, the Cabinet Secretary merely told how the Rock of Ages event held in the grounds of Dumbarton Castle in summer was themed on ‘Dumbarton 800’.

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The exchange between the Dumbarton MSP and Mr Robertson coincided with West Dunbartonshire Council announcing the latest in their celebratory events to mark the 800th anniversary.

Jackie Baillie said: “Dumbarton has sadly been ignored by the Scottish Government who have made absolutely no effort to commemorate this important milestone. The Cabinet Secretary merely refers to the Rock of Ages event, of which one day was cancelled due to weather, and provided little reference to the 800th anniversary.

“It is incredibly disappointing and a slap in the face to the people of Dumbarton who deserve proper recognition during this special year.

“I am proud, however, that my Scottish Labour colleagues at West Dunbartonshire Council have arranged a programme of events to mark the 800th anniversary.

“I also look forward to hearing more from Historic Environment Scotland about the reopening of Dumbarton Castle during the community engagement meeting next month.

“It is imperative that the jewel in our crown can reopen as soon as possible. It is a vital part of our town’s heritage and an important tourist attraction which draws visitors into Dumbarton, helping boost our local economy.”

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  1. Angus Roberston and indeed his ex SPAD wife Jennifer. Now there’s a pair. But yes, Angus thinks he’s political royalty.

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