GENDER: JK Rowling again hits out at Sturgeon over SNP gender reform plans

Harry Potter author has been an outspoken critic of the proposals, which would make it easier for people to legally change their gender

JK Rowling hits out at First Minister Nicola Sturgeon again over Scottish gender reform plans

JK Rowling has criticised Nicola Sturgeon again over plans to make it easier for people to change their legally recognised gender.

The Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill took a step closer to becoming law after being passed at its first stage by MSPs at Holyrood in October.

It would simplify the process by which people can obtain a gender recognition certificate.

Scottish Government minister Ash Regan, right,  resigned ahead of the vote, saying that she could not support the Bill.

Rowling has been an outspoken critic of the First Minister over the proposals.

However, First Minister Sturgeon insists that the reforms would not take any rights away from women.

On Friday, Rowling raised concerns over the Bill on Twitter.

“@NicolaSturgeon continues to ignore public opposition and seeks to push through the Gender Recognition Reform Bill in under two weeks, demonstrating once again that she prioritises the approval of lobby groups over Scottish voters’ concerns,” she wrote.

“The polling is clear: this bill is not supported by the public. Principled MSPs have already voted against it and one has resigned, yet the First Feminist remains determined to undermine the sex-based rights of Scottish girls and women.”

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