POLITICS: SNP told to hand back missing indybin money 

Hand back the referendum money – that’s the message to Nicola Surgeon and the SNP.

  By Bill Heaney

Nicola Sturgeon has been told to hand back the missing £600,000 that the SNP raised for the sole purpose of holding a second independence referendum.  

The SNP raised the huge sum of money from activists and claimed it would be “ring-fenced” for spending on a referendum.  

Scottish Conservative MSP Sharon Dowey said today that Nicola Sturgeon should “do the right thing” and hand back the “missing money” now that the Supreme Court has reached a clear judgment.  

The missing £600,000 has been the subject of a police investigation after allegations of fraud emerged.  

Several SNP figures have also left posts within the party in recent years citing a lack of financial transparency.  

Scottish Conservative shadow culture minister Sharon Dowey MSP, said:“Now that the Supreme Court has reached a clear judgment, the SNP must do the right thing and hand back the £600,000 that was supposed to be spent on another referendum.  

“Nicola Sturgeon has to intervene and give people back the missing money that appears to have been raised for false purposes.   

“After the court ruling, it’s absolutely vital that the SNP ditch plans to spend £20 million of taxpayers’ money on another divisive referendum. There are so many other more pressing priorities that need government funding, especially Scotland’s NHS.  

“After she has reallocated public money away from a referendum and towards frontline services, Nicola Sturgeon should also sort out her party’s dodgy finances.  

“The SNP leader should come clean about how this £600,000 was really spent and return it to people who donated in good faith.”

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