Old Kilpatrick charity to be honoured with civic reception

 By Lucy Ashton

During a visit by Provost Douglas McAllister, Old Kilpatrick Food Parcels – run by husband-and-wife team Gordon and Maureen Cummings – celebrated their third birthday by unveiling a takeaway to their ever-expanding site at Station Road.

During the early days of the Covid pandemic lockdown, Maureen and Gordon started OKFP – initially helping elderly patients stuck indoors get prescriptions from local pharmacies before progressing to delivering food.

And during his Good Friday visit, Provost McAllister, pictured right,  was full of praise for Maureen, Gordon and all the team at the community hub.

He said: “I was absolutely delighted to attend the OKFP Foodbank Community Hub and Pantry on Good Friday.

“I received a very warm welcome from Maureen and Gordon Cummings and all the staff and volunteers of the Chatty Café. 

“It’s almost three years since the project was created to reach out and help those in need during the first Covid lockdown.

“OKFP and Chatty Café, however, has significantly grown its service over the last three years and has helped tens of thousands of vulnerable or isolated members of our community. 

“They have now opened their new takeaway facility in Old Kilpatrick as well as continuing their great work at the Community Hub and Chatty Café.

“I was struck by just how welcoming the Chatty Café is. It has a lovely feel about it where everyone is included and valued, and I would encourage everyone in our community to spend some time there.”

As well as praising the venture, Provost McAllister informed them they will be honoured with a civic reception at Clydebank Town Hall on Sunday, April 30, to thank “everyone at Old Kilpatrick Food Parcels for their quite outstanding contribution to our community and to celebrate their ongoing work and the expansion and growth of the charity”.

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