Beautiful mural wows staff and patients and brings the outside inside at the QEUH’s Langlands Unit

Artist Lisa Cunningham, is also planning to paint the patient day room in the ward.

By Lucy Ashton

A new 12ft by 7ft mural is wowing staff in an Older People and Stroke unit at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow.

The mural brings a burst of brightness to the staff R&R hub and is a welcome addition to Langlands unit, helping create a warm and calming atmosphere within the unit for staff to relax in between shifts.

As well as the R&R mural, Scotland-based artist Lisa Cunningham, is also planning to paint the patient dayroom in the ward so everyone can benefit from the fantastic artwork.

As part of the process, Lisa worked closely with staff and patients to ensure the design reflected the natural surroundings of Glasgow, and captured the unique character of the local area. The murals includes beautiful depictions of flora and fauna, alongside hills and rivers surrounding the area.

Lisa, who has worked with the health board before, commented:

“The aim of this project was to create a welcoming environment for patients and staff in the Langlands Unit. It is an honour to work on a project that can make a difference in someone’s life, and I am grateful for the opportunity to use my artistic skills to create something beautiful and meaningful.”

It is hoped that the artworks will provide a source of comfort and joy for patients and their families, and make a positive contribution to their care experience.

Claire Macdonald, Service Support Manager for Older People and Stroke Services, added: “Lisa’s work is fantastic and staff and patients have been wowed on a daily basis as the work progressed towards completion over the past few weeks.

“Creating a welcoming, warm environment is extremely important for the wellbeing of patients and staff. For our patients, these beautiful artworks provide a welcome distraction from being in hospital, and for our staff, they’ve supported creating an environment where staff look forward to coming to work. A huge thanks to Lisa for her hard work over the past few weeks to bring these concepts to reality.”

Lisa’s work was funded entirely by the NHS Endowments programme and more information about Lisa and her portfolio can be found on her website: Home | Lisa Cunningham Art (

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