Public asked to share experiences of Covid pandemic

Dr Alexandra Anderson, head of Let's Be Heard, wants people's experiences to shape the investigation
Dr Alexandra Anderson, head of Let’s Be Heard, wants people’s experiences to shape the investigation.

By Bill Heaney

Scots are being asked to share their personal experience of the pandemic.

A new website is being launched to allow members of the public to detail how they thought the Scottish government handled the health crisis.

The project aims to assess the impact Covid had on them or their loved ones, and what lessons should be learned.

Experiences shared will be “at the heart” of the inquiry into the Scottish government’s response to the pandemic from 1 January 2020 to the end of 2022.

The Scottish Covid-19 Inquiry will establish facts and lessons to be learned.

It will also make recommendations to Scottish ministers to ensure the country is better prepared in future.

The main UK Covid inquiry began last August, but the separate Scottish investigation has been beset by delays.

Four members of the inquiry’s legal team stood down last October.

Its chairwoman Lady Poole also quit for personal reasons and was replaced by Lord Brailsford.

The new website – Let’s Be Heard: Sharing Scotland’s Covid Experience – will be launched on Tuesday.

Printed submissions will also be available in the above pictured local GP practices in Dumbarton, Clydebank and Vale of Leven, care homes such as Crosslet, pharmacies and libraries.

Dr Alexandra Anderson, head of Let’s Be Heard, said: “Everyone in Scotland has been affected by the pandemic.

“Thousands of people have lost their lives, and many continue to be deeply impacted. Lessons people believe should be drawn from their experiences, both positive and negative, will be at the heart of the inquiry’s investigations.

“Our internal research team will analyse the experiences people share with us and produce a series of reports to help shape the inquiry’s investigations and inform its reporting and recommendations to Scottish ministers.”

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