SNP leader predicted to lose seat and independence majority to be smashed

By Lucy Ashton

It has been forecast today by polling company Ballot Box Scotland that First Minister Humza Yousaf will lose his seat and that the pro independence majority at Holyrood will be smashed when the country goes to the polls.

The SNP leader’s Glasgow Pollok seat is among those tipped to fall to Labour when the country next goes to the polls.

Mr Yousaf has already suffered damaging by-election defeats at Westminster and council level. The SNP lost Rutherglen and Hamilton West to Labour in a Westminster by-election.

A new survey suggests the SNP will lose 17 seats when Scotland next goes to the polls to elect members of the Scottish Parliament.

The analysis was carried out by Ballot Box Scotland and based on a YouGov poll conducted between October 20 and 25 for Scoop. It showed the SNP on course to win 34 per cent of the constituency vote and 30 per cent on the regional list.

Scottish Labour continues to narrow the gap and is likely to pick up 32 per cent in the constituency poll and 30 per cent on the list. The Scottish Conservatives are tipped to win 14 per cent in both votes while the Liberal Democrats would win nine per cent in the constituency and eight per cent on the list.

The Scottish Greens are on seven per cent for the constituency vote and 10 per cent on the list. In a further blow to nationalists, Alex Salmond’s Alba Party, despite the announcement that former government minister Ash Regan has defected to them from the SNP,  is predicted to win just two per cent on the regional list.

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  1. Oh I wouldn’t be so sure about Alba vote being stuck at an alleged 2%.

    The SNP vote is disenchanted. That we know. But that vote leaving the SNP is not going to Labour and not going to to the Tories. Anyone who thinks so clearly believes in fairy tales. You might as well tell us the Tories will sweep the popularity board.

    The SNP may be falling, and deservedly so but Scots want change and they don’t want Labour and or the Tories. Go figure!

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