Danger keep out

Helensburgh Pier playground is a danger and a disgrace, say residents

People in Helensburgh are kicking up a stink over the state of the former playground on the old pool site at the town pier.

Jane Sanders asked on social media: “Whatever has happened to the play area where the old pool was? Rusty Heras fencing [has been left] lying in a heap.

“[There is] jagged metal on the bench where the handle was missing. The soft landing at the bottom missing below the slide.

“This lethal to children – but not fenced off.

“And the white lining [has been] almost completely obliterated at the exit from the pier car park.”

Sarah Smith said: “It’s a real danger and an eyesore. What image does this portray when visitors pass it on their way from the car park?

“Get a grip Argyll & Bute Council and spend some bloody money.”

Anne King added: “A&B need our money to spend on towns north of Arrochar. They are not interested in Helensburgh.

“That’s why it’s Lottery money [that is] being used to bring Hermitage Park up to scratch. They are an awful Council [and they] get money for old rope.”

Jackie Quick-Rice wrote: “If this was someone’s garden, the neighbours would complain to the council, who would demand you reinstate the area to make it safe.”

Complaints are now winging their way to the community council.


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