STV2 snubbed

No sympathy for Helensburgh MP Brendan on STV cuts announcement

O'Hara BrendanBy Bill Heaney

Helensburgh and Cardross MP Brendan O’Hara received little or no sympathy when he tweeted his “disappointment” about the level of cuts planned by STV and the closure of STV2.

Formerly a TV producer himself, O’Hara tweeted: “Really, really disappointed to hear about the level of cuts planned by @WeAreSTV and @stvnews.

“Many good friends and valued former colleagues are going to be affected by this announcement. Scottish broadcasting needs a strong, healthy and vibrant STV.”

Not many people agreed with Mr O’Hara who has just resigned as the SNP spokesperson for the Culture, Media and Sport.

One critic said: “I don’t find that STV reflects the new Scotland or shines a light on the way ahead. It’s pretty poor fare to be honest.”

Another tweeted: “Couldn’t receive STV 2, so no loss. STV need to support Scotland – not denounce it at every opportunity.

“Also they need to restart producing/outsourcing Scottish programmes like they used to.

“They currently are just an ITV clone. No sympathy for a London controlled station.”

One man tweeted bitterly to the MP who is part of the local boycott of The Dumbarton Democrat: “What you want is a media in Scotland manipulated and bullied by the SNP to support your independence obsession.”

Another said: “Viewing in STV2 might have improved if it had actually been available everywhere. Couldn’t get it in my region at all, like many other channels available in Glasgow/Fife/Aberdeen. Feel bad for staff affected, but STV just didn’t try!”

“Can’t work out why they launched a second brand rather than spend/invest in the well-known brand there.

“[It] seems like spotlight should be on those who thought that was a good idea? Though I suppose they’re still the decision makers. Maybe they should be losing their jobs?”

And finally Peter Grant said: “Sorry for staff losses but personally I don’t know anyone who watches STV apart from an odd drama series from ITV.

“[Because there is] so much choice, including Netflix and so on, mainstream media will suffer. It needs to raise its game.”


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